Functional Areas

Engineering Department

As a engineers of Eway, you need excellent and meaningful innovation, so that our customers and consumers satisfaction. Continue to push the boundaries of the possible. Deal with many different and complex technical challenges.As a engineer of Eway, you will work with highly team spirit, eager to share work with colleagues from all over, working together to improve the quality of people's lives.As a engineers of Eway, you will get many opportunities to become challenging. Personal and professional growth and learning throughout the career development process. Our multi-step career structure means that management is not the only road from engineering to. You can pass the road system architecture or experts in the field to

higher achievement.

Design Department

Products and services to improve their quality of life. We also believe that the only really familiar with consumer values, motivations and preferences in order to achieve this goal.We adhere to create beyond consumer demand for

Innovation is intended for the design work so exciting and challenging reason. You will be creating unique, meaningful, culturally relevant solutions in a team. In fact, you will be at the center of this process.
As meaning a design department. Firstly through extensive research to understand the ultimate consumer value and motivation in their lives and work backgrounds. Then and business means of cooperation,
these insights translate into compelling

products and services to enhance the quality of life of the final consumer.

Sales Department

Business Unit is to promote business growth and profitable basis. You always talk about the next generation of touch the pulse of the new experience, products and services perspective to understand their needs, and through cross-functional cooperation to achieve the demand. You can become the key mentor clients and valuable business partners, gain insight into their current and future needs, so we through meaningful innovation in a leading position in the competition. And cross-functional cooperation through group activities, you can build a compelling business proposition to provide customers with total solutions, not just products. We will give you the freedom to explore new ideas and business models and the opportunity to set your own goals and career paths. In order to achieve your goals, we will provide

you with an impressive career development tools, including free online training,

job training and learning programs that you can choose the individual funds.

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